The Roscoe Pediatric Bunny Nebulizer is child-friendly and designed to reduce anxiety during treatments and encourage compliance. It has a cute and playful design while still providing effective aerosol treatments with a state-of-the-art piston compressor.

Roscoe Bunny Nebulizer with TruNeb Kit

    • Bunny design and angled mouthpiece or pediatric mask options encourages compliance
    • Delivers 43 PSI at maximum pressure and 16 PSI operating pressure with a liter flow range of 5 to 8 LPM
    • Lightweight and equipped with built-in carrying handle and a convenient nebulizer parking post
    • Smooth, quiet, and easy to use
    • 45-degree angle delivery allows patient to recline
    • Comes complete with compressor, disposable nebulizer, TruNeb reusable nebulizer, child mask, angled mouthpiece, 7' kink-resistant tubing, and five extra filters
    • Limited 5-year warranty
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