COMPACT FOLDING DESIGN A unique, push-button hinge easily releases to fold the Reacher arm in half to simplify storage and travel. EXTENDED YOUR REACH Adding 32” of reach, the folding Reacher allows you to reach high shelving, dropped items and behind furniture and appliances without painful twisting and bending. ROTATING 4” CLAW Opening a full 4”, the claw also rotates a full 90 degrees to easily retrieve items from any angle. NON-SLIP PRECISION Lined with non-slip, rubberized material, the strong reacher claw is precise enough to pick up coins and other small objects. LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE Constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, the reacher is lightweight and exceptionally durable for indoor and outdoor use. ERGONOMIC EASY GRIP Lightly padded with a soft, non-slip material, the neutral handle is contoured for a comfortable grip in either hand

Folding Reacher